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This is an adorable "BARBIE GIRL" paper piecing layout. Set includes:

- 1 title topper "Barbie Girl" accented with eyelet, customized kid face (you choose the gender, hair and skin color of the kid), Barbie stickers

- 1 photo / poem box accented with eyelet, Barbie stickers. Poem reads:
"blonde or brunette
long hair or short
sweater or pants
or top and a skort

One is a doctor
one figure skates
another is a pilot
who travels the states

We go to the movies
and shop at the malls
in my pretend world
with my Barbie dolls"

- 3 accent squares. Two are decorated with Barbie stickers, the other is a customized kid face holding an ice cream sundae

Background paper for demonstration purposes only.


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